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Active Consumer Engagement

Our industry continues to evolve.

Increased litigation, rapidly changing regulations, ongoing competition, and shifting consumer expectations have forced receivables management organizations to implement and maintain proactive strategies that mitigate risk. And yet, the most important issue is still reaching consumers to effectively guide them to the desired response.

It is critical for your organization to engage the consumer on a journey that focuses on providing the right message using the right channel to the right person at the right time. It is required that we communicate based on the consumer’s demographics and expressed preferences while making it easy for a consumer to respond by implementing technologies such as self-service both online and inbound IVR.

In this difficult environment, it is easy to become so focused on compliance and security that you lose sight of what is most important – cash flow. Now more than ever, efficiency and effectiveness are critical to ensure you are driving payments. You can do this by utilizing new approaches and technology to consumer communication and payments.

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